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Competitive Advantage

Increase your competitive advantage through demonstrating an increased understanding of common internet-based threats, vulnerabilities and risks

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Risk Management

Increase your competitive advantage through an understanding and hands-on experience of how to mitigate the risks to your immediate working environment by implementing the Government-recommended technical security controls

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Pitch Perfect

Develop a pitch demonstrating understanding of internet-based threats to businesses and technical control mechanisms to combat common cyber security attacks

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Identify FREE credible and authoritative sources of current cyber security advice and guidance

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Discuss current trends in cyber security by knowing where to get the latest credible facts and figures

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Apply technical cyber security controls, recommended by the UK’s authority on cyber security, to your own immediate working environment

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Reflect on the most common internet-based threats to your own business

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Assess, measure and track progress using your specialist interactive workbooks, checklists and scorecards

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Provide evidence using your self-assessment and interactive scorecards