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Our packages are tailored to suit your businesses needs. 


Our packages are designed for small/medium sized businesses operating in sensitive or highly-regulation sectors.  


Lockcode is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier, an NCSC Certified Training Provider and Lockcode's founder is one of the few NCSC Certified Professional Lead Security and Information Risk Advisors (SIRA).

We take your business values and your reputation very seriously.

Your Smart Social Media Options

Artful Table Arrangement


 - Social Media Optimisation

- Management of 1 - 2 platforms

- 4 posts a week across chosen platforms

- Follow 2 relevant accounts a week

- Thank you messages to the first 5 followers pointing them to your website

- Quarterly Report


Scuba Diver and Corals


- Social Media Page Optimisation

- Management of 1 - 3 social media platforms

- 8 posts a week across chosen platforms

- Follow 4 relevant accounts a week increasing followers organically

- Weekly thank you post to new followers

- Weekly audit for spam accounts

- Weekly audit for inactive accounts

- Includes £20 of social media boosting

- Monthly Report



- Social Media Page Optimisation

- Management of 1 - 4 social media platforms

- Min. 15 posts a week across chosen platforms

- Follow 10 relevant accounts a week increasing followers organically

- A thank you message sent to new followers

- Weekly audit for spam accounts

- Weekly audit for inactive accounts

- Apply cross linking

- Social media competitor analysis

- Engage with users who engage with accounts

- Includes £60 of social media boosting

- Additional £10 focused on boosting the business page on Facebook

- Include custom graphics matching your brand

- Security audit

- Monthly Report


Katie Sanderson


Smart Social Media Lead

NCSC Certified Training Engagement Lead

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Katie has 5 years’ official experience of working in information and cyber security at Lockcode and SECyber. However, she was introduced to infosec at an early age due to her mother’s career and passion for the subject.

In 2016 Katie was invited to speak at one of NCSC’s initial Cyber First events for schools and she also won the 2016 Security Serious 'Unsung Heroes' award.

...and due to her age, she has also grown up managing and configuring her own laptops, tablets and smartphones herself...

Katie was introduced to cybercrime prevention in 2015 whilst still studying for her A Levels in Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, Government and Politics. She assisted in the preparation and delivery of Lockcode and South East Cyber’s CyberCrime Prevent Pilot, working with the Surrey and Sussex Cyber Crime Unit. The Pilot was funded by Home Office CTU and delivered for our regional Police and Crime Commissioner. Following her A Levels she completed a Digital Apprenticeship with Lockcode.

As the official engagement and training lead for SECyber workshops, Katie has independently completed Lockcode’s online GCHQ Certified Training courses which are designed for today's aspiring and existing technology leaders.


She is responsible for managing workshop sponsors, liaising with speakers, specialists and contributors including senior DCMS government officials, senior Cyber Crime Unit and SEROCU officers, techUK and trade association leaders, specialist SMEs including Digital Shadows co-founder, Level 39 lead and Cylon’s MD.

Katie's ongoing projects have included several sensitive government-related projects. She is also responsible for Lockcode and SECyber’s social media and Newsletter content, ensuring we only publish credible, trusted, relevant and appropriate content.