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Welcome to Cyber Security Leadership and Governance: Skills and Scenarios

The Horse's Mouth

All our course information and data is drawn from credible resources

Activity 1 | Activity 2


What characteristics make a great leader today? 

Activity 3

What is Cyber Security?

With all the definitions floating around, which one should you be using?

Context, Scope & the Bigger Picture

Today's leaders in technology risk need to understand The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture:

External Factors

Which External Factors do we need to understand and keep in scope?

Activity 4

The Bigger Picture:

Internal Factors

Which Internal Factors do we need to better understand in our immediate operating environment?

Activity 5 | Activity 6

The Bigger Picture:


What steps can you take today to assess and improve your skills - quickly?

Activity 7 | Activity 8


and next steps

Skills and Scenarios Online Course

9 Modules

8 Activities

Skills and Scenarios

Interactive Workbook

Skills & Scenarios

10-Modules & 8 Activities - Cyber Security Leadership and Governance: Scenario and Skills online course 

Interactive Workbook

10-Pages, 8 Activities - Cyber Security Leadership and Governance: Scenario and Skills Interactive Workbook 


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