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Weekly Threat Report 21st September 2018

Microsoft Office Macros, most popular method of malware delivery

Cyber criminals continue to utilise weaponised macros in Microsoft Office documents to deliver malware.

In a recent report from Cofense, it was noted that the exploitation of Microsoft Office macros comprised 45% of all deliveries.

A separate report showed that a further 37% exploited the Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability (CVE-2017-11882).

Cyber threat to university networks

The University of Edinburgh was a victim of a Denial of Service attack, which happened on the first day of freshers’ week.

It affected the university’s websites, online services and Wi-Fi networks.

Following the attack, the website of Jisc, who provide digital solutions to UK education and research organisations, featured a blog post which explored how and when Denial of Service attacks impact universities.

GDPR three months in

  • Breaches are reported within the appropriate time period. Breaches are to be reported within 72 working hours of the organisation becoming aware of the incident.

  • Breach reports are as complete as possible before reporting, where details are missing a rough timeline of when the ICO can expect further information should be provided.

  • The person reporting the breach is authorised to discuss the problem in the required detail.

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