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Google’s GDPR approach raises publisher concerns

While attention is squarely on Facebook’s data practices, Google has raised concerns among several publishers with how it plans to make its ad services GDPR-compliant.

In late March, Google announced that it will require publishers to take “extra steps” in obtaining their consent from users for the use of Google’s ad services.

As part of its approach, Google has asked to be a “co-controller” of data, along with the publisher.

The idea of a co-controller scenario with Google or any other company when it comes to an asset as precious as a publisher’s audience data isn’t likely to be a popular one for any publisher.

Not when first-party audience data is the lifeblood of both product and commercial sustainability.

The reason Google wants this status is because under GDPR law, a “controller” is the company that determines how the personal data will be processed.

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