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​Facebook's mea culpa tour, Cambridge Analytica and GDPR: The data game is changing before our e

Facebook is being skewered for its data management, but every company needs to think about its customer data strategy well beyond GDPR. The wild west of data is being tamed.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hit up the media on Wednesday to recount the company's data privacy issues, take responsibility and yet still note that users agreed to share data via the terms of service agreement.

Facebook operating chief Sheryl Sandberg followed up a day later and noted that the company "underinvested" in safety, but the real kicker is that the executive noted Europe was ahead on the data privacy issue.

Toss in your daily Cambridge Analytica story, Facebook's continual tweaks to its settings and data sharing and the looming General Data Protection Act in the EU and it's clear that the wild west market that revolves around your data is going to change.

Sandberg also said to Bloomberg that some advertisers on Facebook have hit pause. So now there's financial incentive to change.

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