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EUROPOL & Spanish National Police Arrest 6 Individuals In A Big Hit To Illegal TV Streaming Netw

In March 2018 the Spanish National Police supported by Europol’s Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC³), arrested 6 individuals from a crime ring suspected of selling illegal television signals from more than 14,000 international points of sale.

The signals were sold through a company which designed the application needed to illegally stream films, television series and sport events.

The investigation began when EGEDA1, Mediapro2 and the Spanish Football League filed a complaint with the police. During the course of the investigation police officers discovered a company, seated in Galicia, Spain which was suspected of transmitting signals for paid TV channels illegally.

The company developed both the decoder device and the application needed to illegally access the paid channels.

The decoder was sold for EUR 120 and the server to transmit the illegal signal was hosted in France and controlled from the business in Spain.

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