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Netflix’s Altered Carbon shows us a future where augmented reality is everywhere

Netflix recently released a notable foray into the world of science fiction with Altered Carbon, a series adapted from a novel by Richard K. Morgan.

In the show’s vision of the future, humanity has learned how to store and transmit consciousness itself.

The dystopian cyberpunk series follows characters as they jump from body to body (called “sleeves”) unraveling the predictably horrid behaviour in search of boundary-pushing entertainment of our now-interstellar society’s uber-rich aristocracy who can afford to be for all intents and purposes immortal.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am happy that Netflix for continuing to invest in great science fiction.

What is particularly interesting is the show’s depiction of a future where augmented reality has become the ubiquitous interface to the digital world.

We have a perspective on this first-hand given Upskill’s focus on delivering AR the largest companies on the planet, so you can imagine how I jump out of my seat when I see fiction portray the future of such technology — and actually manage to do it well.

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