NCSC's guidance aims to help organisations manage their cyber security risks by breaking down the task of protecting the organisation into 10 components.


According to NCSC, adopting security measures covered by the 10 Steps reduces the likelihood of cyber attacks occurring, and minimises the impact to your organisation when incidents do occur.


10 Steps to Cyber Security

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  1. Risk Management

  2. Engagement and Training

  3. Asset Management

  4. Architecture and Configuration

  5. Vulnerability Management

  6. Identity and Access Management

  7. Data Security

  8. Logging and Monitoring

  9. Incident Management

  10. Supply Chain Security

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  1. Information Security

  2. Information Security Governance

  3. The Risks of Ransomware

  4. Responding to a Ransomware Attack

  5. Coding and Cyber Security

  6. Secure Remote Working

  7. IT Disaster Recovery and Fallback

  8. Penetration Testing

  9. Keeping Your mobile Safe

  10. Threat Surveillance (24/7 Monitoring)

  11. Incident Management and Response

  12. Use of External Drives

  13. Wi-Fi Security

  14. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Compliance)

  15. Data Breaches

  16. Data Protection

  17. GDPR

  18. Identity Theft

  19. Security and Compliance Audits

  20. Internet of Things Attacks

  21. Social Engineering

  22. Phishing and Anti-Spam Software

  23. Network Security and Cloud Computing

  24. The Dangers of Viruses and Malware

  25. The Power of a Strong Password

  26. Keeping Your Data Safe

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