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Cyber Security


Cyber Security


When you embark on a journey of Cyber Security training and awareness programmes you immediately find yourself in a world of confusing acronyms, jargon and seemingly conflicting definitions.

In this course we introduce and examine the various definitions of cyber security, effective leadership, the case for good governance and security issues in the supply chain. 


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As your Cyber Security Leadership and Governance course uses the heavily regulated sector of the UK Government to demonstrate key principles, simple steps and technical controls, we refer back to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) for our credible definitions.

The NCSC is the UK’s authority on cyber security, so using their terminology and definitions is highly advisable for executives working in the UK Government sector.

Likewise, understanding and use of the CPS definitions is key when it comes to cybercrime criminal investigations and prosecutions. We also refer to the terminology, language and definitions from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)* when discussing cybercrime, key legislation and offences.


Information Security Management:

  • Governance

  • Information Security Awareness and Training

  • Legal and Regulatory Environment


Third Party Management


Information Risk Management:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management

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