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the NCSC Certified Training toolkit that saves you time, money, effort and stress

As you discover more detailed information in your specialist ebooks, you will also have the Quick Reference Guides for when you need information fast. 

An NCSC Certified Training cyber security toolkit for busy executives, operating at senior and Board level, in heavily regulated sectors e.g. the UK Government supply chain. 

Learn how to protect your business from cybercrime. Understand the threats, security controls, terminology and mandatory requirements.

Work through the bite-sized content for busy executives including case studies, activities, ebooklets, quizzes and a certificate of completion.

Case studies and activities include drones, ransomware, autonomous vehicles and the UK Government's GCloud framework for suppliers.

To test and reflect on your increasing cyber security knowledge and skills, we've created quick quizzes, bespoke interactive security workbooks and numerous checklists.

And finally, your interactive self-assessment scorecards enable you to regularly demonstrate measured progress within your own organisation. 

With the abundance of cyber security training courses on offer, it can be difficult for customers to identify highly competent trainers and good quality courses.

NCSC Certified Training addresses this issue.


There has never been a better time to invest in cyber security training.

Whether in our personal lives or at work, cyber security awareness is important for us all. The digital revolution presents huge advantages, but also brings new risks that we need to understand and tackle given our increasing dependence on cyberspace.

Which Security Disciplines and Skills will I be Focussing on?

Information Security Management: 

  • Governance 

  • Information Security Awareness and Training 

  • Legal and Regulatory Environment 

  • Third Party Management 

Information Risk Management: 

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Risk Management

Implementing Secure Systems: 

  • Security Architecture 

Information Assurance Methodologies and Testing: 

  • Information Assurance Methodologies 

The NCSC Certified Training scheme offers UK cyber security professionals the opportunity to gain appropriate knowledge and skills through training.


Q How can I purchase this unique online training package?

Contact us directly to discuss. We are happy to answer any questions you have. 

Q How does the one-to-one coaching/consultancy/mentoring work?

Your first call is arranged through email as soon as we receive payment.


  • 30 minutes welcome and introduction call

  • 30 minutes scheduled during the 3-month period

  • 30 minutes review and next steps call when the online training package has been completed


Q How fast can I complete the training?

In our experience, if you don’t have a deadline to work to your busy life takes over and non-urgent activities are pushed further away. Additionally, your working or home environment may change over time which impacts your personal coaching or business consultancy requirements. This means that if we provide some specialist research for you as part of your package (as part of the 3-session one-to-one services) it needs to be current for it to be useful to you.  For these reasons we aim for you to complete your training within 3 months.



Q Where can I find more information on NCSC CT?

NCSC Certified Training

Q Where can I find more information on NCSC CCP Lead certification?

NCSC Certified Professional Scheme


Q Can I continue the one-to-one coaching/consultancy/mentoring after completion of the course?

Yes. We will discuss all of your options during your final ‘next steps’ call.


Q I have a question, how do I contact you?

Contact us with your questions here.

Q How do I get the best value, discounts and bonuses?

Join us for one of our small interactive FREE training workshops, based on our online GNCSC CT courses. More information can be found through our networking and events (South East Cyber)

NCSC Certified Training is ideal for those seeking to improve or acquire cyber security skills, including those aspiring to certification under the National Cyber Security Centre's Certified Professional Scheme.

What are the Benefits of choosing NCSC Certified Training (CT)?​

Benefits of NCSC Certification to you, our valued clients:

  • Individuals and organizations can easily and quickly identify high quality, relevant training

  • The course materials have been rigorously assessed against the exacting standards of NCSC

  • The quality of the trainers’ delivery and the course administration has been quality checked

  • NCSC CT is based on the industry-respected IISP Skills Framework

  • NCSC CT is invaluable for anyone seeking to acquire or improve their cyber security skills, including those seeking the NCSC's Certified Professional status (CCP).

Benefits of NCSC CT  to our high standards:

  • NCSC CT is a key market differentiator which sets courses apart from other cyber security training options

  • Certification inspires confidence in organisations and individuals that our course is of a high quality, with proof that our cyber security training has been assessed against NCSC’s rigorous standards

  • NCSC CT ensures our cyber security training meets high standards of both content and delivery.

The quality management process of NCSC Certified Training providers is inspected by APMG, ensuring course content and trainers’ knowledge is up to date.

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