for Busy Executives

An online training cyber security toolkit for busy executives, operating at senior and Board level, in heavily regulated sectors e.g. the UK Government supply chain. 

Learn how to protect your business from cybercrime. Understand the threats, security controls, terminology and mandatory requirements.

Work through the bite-sized content for busy executives including case studies, activities, ebooklets, quizzes and a certificate of completion.

Case studies and activities include drones, ransomware, autonomous vehicles and the UK Government's GCloud framework for suppliers.

To test and reflect on your increasing cyber security knowledge and skills, we've created quick quizzes, bespoke interactive security workbooks and numerous checklists.

And finally, your interactive self-assessment scorecards enable you to regularly demonstrate measured progress within your own organisation. 


Which Security Disciplines and Skills will I be Focussing on?

Information Security Management: 

  • Governance 

  • Information Security Awareness and Training 

  • Legal and Regulatory Environment 

  • Third Party Management 

Information Risk Management: 

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Risk Management

Implementing Secure Systems: 

  • Security Architecture 

Information Assurance Methodologies and Testing: 

  • Information Assurance Methodologies 

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