The Threat


7 days of CyberCrime in 60-second bite-sized training with optional, daily 5-minute extras



One daily authoritative cybercrime definition - your CyberCrime in 60 seconds read

At least one real-life example to provide a level of context and perspective


Additional optional extra, deeper dive Activity. 


The Threat


Course Content

Welcome and introduction to CyberCrime in 60 and your first definition: CyberCrime

Day 2 Definition

Day 2 Example

Day 2 * 5-Minute Activity * Hacking

Day 3 Definition

Day 3 Example

Day 3 * 5-Minute Activity * Darknet

Day 4 Definition

Day 4 Example

Day 4 * 5-Minute Activity * FBI Takedown

Day 5 Definition

Day 5 Example

Day 5 * 5-Minute Activity * Ransomware

Day 6 Definition

Day 6 Example

Day 6 * 5-Minute Activity * Spooky

Cybercrime in 60 seconds Quiz

Cybercrime in 60 seconds Survey

Congratulations, next steps and thank you!


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