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3 Example case Studies


Police Cybercrime PROTECT Pilot

In 2015 we designed and delivered  the Cyber Crime PROTECT Pilot for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. In collaboration with Surrey & Sussex Cyber Crime Unit we trained over 65 police staff.


Information Assurance for Defence Masterclass

Securing Military Communications & Networks

In 2006 our founder delivered the conference Masterclass: 'The Challenges of UK Security Accreditation and Information Assurance of System of Systems for Network Enabled Capability, UK MoD'


Naval Combat Systems Engineering Lectures

Back in 2006/2007 we were delighted to supply QinetiQ with our System of Systems Security Accreditation for Network Enabled Capability lectures.


What aspect(s) of the course did you find most beneficial and why?

  • Some of the processes used in how attacks occur and a good overview of techniques used. 

  • The part SMEs play in a bigger picture. 

  • The risks and vulnerabilities involved.

  • Chance to network, to see application/opportunity for partnership, to gain better awareness to inform our clients. 

  • Specifically, elements on preventing via awareness of cyber vulnerabilities.

  • Guest speakers were interesting presenters with real-life examples. 

  • Simple advice which can be used by everyone. 

  • Very good knowledge from trainers — provided good information and useful advice.

  • Penetration testing — well delivered and very interesting what techniques are used to gain information, speaker made it a pleasurable input. 

  • Open source work — will be interested to do the five-day course as will be invaluable to PCSO role.

  • Information handling and different types of threat to SMEs and also useful to local communities.

  • Having direction on this subject.  Knowing where to direct them for help is really useful.

  • Passwords — enhancing security really easily achievable. 

  • Myth busting — wifi, networks, proxy servers, dark webs. 

  • Most of what was discussed is relevant personally also Cyber Essentials/Cyber Streetwise.

  • Actual signposting to other people a real help. 

  • Metadata — never knew about this.

  • Security awareness and knowledge. 

  • Skills to learn how to deal with SMEs.

  • A gain in information and upskill in a subject I am really interested in. 

  • Ethical hacking was really interesting and very helpful understanding what they look at.

  • Details of where to find the basic prevention advice that I can pass onto SMEs.  What the risk factors are.

  • Information regarding hacking and the simple ways to help prevent it.

  • Awareness of cyber crime and the knowledge of what the real risk is.

  • I feel the “basics” of cyber security was the most impactful and beneficial as it has refreshed basic skills and knowledge and for a personal as well as professional point of view this relates to me most of all.

  • Ethical Hacking and the ex-Met officer very informative and well delivered.

  • Having a solid overview of cyber crime, cyber security and ways to protect (either SMEs, individuals or personally). 

  • The recognition that some of the most basic information (passwords) can make a huge difference to cyber security.

  • Advice to give to SMEs.  Awareness of all aspects: passwords, security checks, searches online, spams, hacking, etc, protection and how cyberspace works.

  • I gained a good overall picture of cyber crime and how it could affect people and businesses in my area and could help my colleagues.

  • The summing up session provided a good structure to use to spread the word to SMEs.  The course has provided plenty of material to expand on. 

  • The metadata and info from it surprised me — and how it can be used. 

  • Password security, so easy to fix.

  • It opened my eyes to that fact that with a few simple steps we can all make our online activity safer and more secure.  I feel more confident and less scared of implementing what I have learned and passing it on to others.

Was there anything that you were expecting from the course that you didn’t learn?

  • No.  I think there was far more than expected.

  • No, I have learnt a lot and overall a very interesting course.

  • No, as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

  • Don't think so as my knowledge is limited so this was a bonus!

  • No, came open minded.

  • I had thought I might get a “package” to take to SMEs but received signposting.  That has proved to be useful because a “package” implies a greater depth of knowledge which the course does not provide as it is a basic course (and it should be).

  • No, the course covered all my thoughts.

  • No, the course fully covered everything and actually provided me with a lot more information than I had imagined.

  • No, I didn’t know what to expect, but all that was delivered was useful and helpful!

  • There was a lot more information than I expected.  Definitely opened my eyes to another world, but still “crime”.

  • No, I learnt more than I was expecting.

  • Cyber Essentials — useful tool to small business and non-technical employers/staff.

  • Understanding what the Internet is.  Input on hacking and methods used.  Understanding where the vulnerabilities are.

  • Whole course was enlightening giving a complete overview of “cybercrime”.  In particular social media/Internet.

  • All of it.

  • Ethical hacking.  Forensics.  Generally all content.

  • 90% of the course has been relevant to my role.

  • I had little if no real advice to give before.  I now feel a lot more confident to approach SMEs, members of the public and schools.

  • Social networking. 

  • Ethical hacking.

  • Basic cyber essentials — simple approach to companies.

  • Signposting to websites that I can pass on. 

  • Clearly described overview of challenges and solutions to SMEs.

  • As far as beneficial I found talk on metadata very informative…talks on ethical hacking were very interesting.

  • All interesting and new knowledge gained.

  • Ethical hackers who showed in real life situations the vulnerabilities and weaknesses they look for and that we can show to SMEs. 

  • Simplified key points to take away.

  • Hearing from Sussex Police Cyber Unit as more relevant to what we do.

  • The whole course is beneficial, making us aware of cyber crime and vulnerabilities that SMEs have.

  • How easy it is for people to find your location on photos and info about you online.  Learnt to lock down info.

  • It reinforced some knowledge I had already and the course taught me more methods of making yourself safe and secure both in our private lives and for SMEs

  • Enjoyed learning about what can be done to businesses without breaking the law.  How being “careless” with data and password weaknesses make soft targets.  PASSWORDS!

Is there any other feedback you would like to give?

  • Very interesting.

  • Many thanks.  Made a dull on paper course very interesting.

  • I thought this course would be difficult for myself but the instruction was well delivered and made interesting.

  • Every PCSO and PC on NPT/Response should have this training.

  • Overall it was a very good, well delivered course.

  • Inspirational and opens your mind to potential threats and to use countermeasures.

  • Very good course.  I think all Police staff should have this training when you start in the Police.

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