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Acquisitions & Growth
Cyber * Security * Technology

Are you looking to grow or sell your business?


I provide specialist acquisition and consultancy services to cyber security-related and technology businesses.

AND I am also currently looking to purchase profitable businesses with:

  • Revenue: £1M+

  • Employees: 7+

  • Age of company: 10 years+


Leadership & Governace

Do you need a trusted partner to lead the development of your cyber security Governance at Board level during investment, growth or exit? Influencing key senior stakeholders at national or international standards level? 

Information Security Strategy

Do you need a recognised expert to deliver, develop or review your information security strategy? Influencing investment decisions or organisational risk appetites?

Innovation Business Improvement

Do you need a recognised leader to develop and promote new concepts for business improvement, increased sales, value and growth?  


Legal & Regulatory Environment

Do you need a trusted advisor who understands applicable cyber security legislation and regulations relating in the context of investment, growth, due diligence and exit?

Policy & Standards

Do you need a recognised expert in cyber security policy and standards development during investment, growth or preparing for due diligence and exit? 

Supply Chain Security

Do you need a cyber security leader who can advance best practice and assurance in your third party supplier management during growth or prior to exit?

Risk Management

Do you want your organisation to be recognised as advancing the practice of information risk management across the public sector or an industry sector or internationally to increase market share?

Training, Engagement, Awareness

Do you need a recognised expert and certified training course author to accelerate the development of your cyber security awareness, engagement and training delivery, enabling growth and increased sales? 

Information Assurance Methodologies

Do you need a recognised expert to enhance the capability of your cyber security methodologies, resulting in the realisation of business benefits across your organisation?


Trusted by Government and its Supply Chain



Her knowledge of Incident Management was invaluable when the organisation was hit by malicious viruses repeatedly, as well as her in-depth knowledge of the plethora of IA policies.

HMG Client

Integrity & Honesty

Working with Samantha has highlighted the importance of working with a credible consultant who demonstrates integrity and honesty every step of the way.

HMG Client

Excellent Leadership Skills

Sam has excellent leadership and organisational skills and always proved to be a dependable team player.

HMG Client

Let's Elevate Your Organisation to the Highest Level

Tact & Diplomacy

Sam is adept at dealing with complex and ambiguous client-facing situations and always showed tact, diplomacy and good judgement.

HMG Client

Building Trust & Confidence

She took the initiative in the areas of work assigned to her and quickly won the confidence of the MoD client, contractors and agencies that she had to deal with.

HMG Defence Client

Stakeholder Engagement

She has worked at 1 star level down to junior desk officers discussing from policy to technical specifications, at all times using terminology and language appropriate to the audience.

HMG Defence Client

Logical & Practical

Her wide knowledge of the subject area, systems and projects involved, together with good judgement and mature outlook ensured a logical and practical approach to any and all problems encountered.

HMG Client


Had we had someone of her calibre in the organisation for longer, the merger [would have been] less fraught with Information Technology and Information Assurance issues.

HMG Client

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